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  • Business Courses
    Enhance your corporate image with skills and strategies that every businese needs. Our courses cover a wide range of topics that are suitable for every business.
    Private Training
    A one-on-one course that is tailor-made for your needs so you can focus on your interests.
    Advance Your Career
    Take your career to the next level. Pick up skills you need to succeed.
  • Women’s Re-Invent Yourself
    Back to work after a career break? This course is ideal for women re-entering the workforce
    Etiquette for New Australians
    Welcome to the country of Down-Under. Just arrived in this country - then learn everything about its traditions and etiquette.
  • Holiday Boot Camp
    Watch your child’s self-esteem and confidence grow. They learn etiquette skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Give them an advantage over their peers and watch them shine.
    School Programme
    Why not book etiquette training for your school? Give the children at your school the advantage of learning etiquette. They learn valuable information they can use for the rest of their lives.

Treska Roden is Australia’s leading etiquette trainer specializing in both corporate protocol & personal etiquette training.  Learn what good manners can do for you and your career.  It will open doors you didn’t even know existed. If you worry about which knife & fork to use, how to shake hands correctly, how to engage in appropriate conversation or how to dress for any occasion, She has all this and much more covered.

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